Bryant Boat #2

Since arriving in our new home of Las Vegas, another change that's taken place is we graduated a step up from our tiny boat to a slightly less tiny boat!  This one's a genuine 14-footer with a huge mast and a jib and benches to sit on and a little cubbyhole for gear!  We're in the big times now.
We were very pleasantly surprised when we got to Vegas to find that there are lots of opportunities to do very un-Vegas-like activities (because while the Strip is fun...it would get kinda boring, right?).  Lake Mead Recreation Area is just outside the city and it an absolutely gorgeous, gigantic lake perfect for sailing.  We've taken advantage of it was many weekends as possible!
(Also a great advantage to Las Vegas:  the fact that we're in a sweltering desert, so even now, in November, the high temp was 75 degrees today!)
Although my currently-39-weeks-pregnant self can't maneuver around the boat anymore, we sailed regularly until the end of September, and can't wait until spring to get back out on the water.
(Fact:  we're really bad at naming things.  We've yet to name this sailboat, as well as our unborn child!)

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