One Last Little Trip as Two

Before it was "too late" - before I reached full term (I was at 36 weeks for this trip) - before there will be another human to be responsible for - before there will forever be another part of our family to worry about if we're away - we took a little trip.  24 hours to Los Angeles to be exact!

We packed in a lot - Santa Monica Beach, some delicious meals, spectacular views on Mulholland Drive, Griffith Observatory, a studio tour.  But mostly we just tried to take in the time together.  I'll always remember this weekend and really cherish it, not for what we did, but for who we were in these moments.  Two people on the cusp of parenthood.  Two people about to be completely changed by what the future is bringing.  For now: just two people holding hands on the beach.
I hesitate to call it this because I think it's such a strange word, but yes:  it was a babymoon!  And it was THE BEST.

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  1. You are right - such a weird word, but such a special time! Mine was so memorable and I'm glad yours was too! Heidi showed me a pic of your sweet baby! Congrats!!!