Three Months Later

Well, I last left this blog on quite the cliffhanger:  it was my due date!  I'm happy to tell you that, yes, don't worry, we did eventually have that baby.  Proof:
AA came 8 days late, in a way that was sort of planned and then not planned at all, but he got here and he is, of course, perfect.  And now, he looks like this:
AA is 3 months old today.  The last 3 months have basically been nothing at all like I imagined they would be.  They have been better and they have been worse, and thank goodness for that.  Both ways, they have been more full and intense and meaningful than I could have predicted, and I am continuously amazed and surprised each and every day.

Although I stay at home anyway, I've had a little self-imposed maternity leave of 3 months from sewing and blogging and the internet in general, getting to know AA the best that I can, learning the new way that Scott and I function as parents, listening and learning about what it is to be a mom.  Now, it's time to learn what it is to be a mom who also works and has dreams and goals about a business she hopes to return to, and at the same time cherishes and engages with her son as much as possible.  It's a whole new world over here!  And I'm excited to explore it and write about it and so, here we are.  Here I am again.


  1. welcome back to blogging dear friend! can't wait to follow along on this next journey of sewing and business owning and motherhood. xoxo

  2. Lately I´ve thougth a lot about you and wondered how you three are doing. Missed you here and am glad to have you back and looking forward for your wonderful fabric creations :)
    Congratulation for this cute little gentleman! All the best to your family and have good start as as sewing mom
    Yours, Anne

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby! So glad you guys are well!

  4. AWWWWW! Congrats!!! He is a handsome little fella!

  5. I didn't know you were back until Mimi sent me an email telling me!