Works in Progress: Baby Stuff, Of Course

The last things I sewed before having AA was that plethora of bridesmaid dresses.  Right as I was finishing up, my poor sewing machine's motor up and gave out - understandable, considering what I had put it through.  I just got a brand new machine (which I look forward to writing an extensive review about later), and am slowly diving back into sewing projects.  Of course, what else is there to sew but ALL THE BABY THINGS.

First, I cut out this little jumpsuit from some old t-shirts of mine that were headed toward the trash anyway.  I'm using McCall's 4236, and cut out a Medium...which looks like it is going to swallow AA whole.  He might have to grow into it!

Secondly, somewhere in the last couple years, I had come to possess this packet of sample colors from Michael Miller's Cotton Couture quilting cotton.  It was this big stack of 5x5 inch pre-cut squares.  So, although I have previously claimed, after finishing my first quilt that took me 20 years to make, that I would never make a quilt again...
these squares were just dying to be stitched together, right?!  I'll add a border to make it a little larger, and even then, it won't be big enough to be anything but a baby quilt, so to AA it will go!  I'm excited to finish this one (can't believe I'm saying that about something I'm sewing that's not a garment...) - I just love the simplicity and cleanness of it!

These days, WIPs might take a little bit longer than they used to to find the time to get stitched up, but hopefully the finished products are up here sooner than later!

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  1. That quilt will be a perfect "throw" for toddlers. You'll get a lot of good out of it. And I can't wait to see AA in that little jumpsuit!