Seeing Spots

So on the left of this picture is my Grandma, Adele (yes, of Dottie Adele, my Etsy shop, fame!).  Isn't she classy with that cream colored blazer trimmed in navy?!  So timeless.  Next is my very handsome, very tall Grandpa.  Then my older sister, Kelsey, rocking the nautical look.  Some things never go out of style.  Also, her hair bow is gigantic, along with her glasses.  I'm the little blond one who is sort of hiding and clutching a trophy with an Aladdin lamp on top of it.  This picture was snapped at an awards banquet, at which I won an award for that book my mother is holding so proudly, titled, "The Day Bab-Y Jesus Bron" (hey, I was five years old, four out of six words correct ain't bad).  And there on the right is my beautiful mother wearing, yes, you saw that right, her dalmatian dress!!!!!

I talked about this dress a couple of weeks ago in a post where I reflected on what exactly it is that has always kept me coming back to sewing.  I had my mom dig up this picture, scan it, and send it to me because I have a little idea about it brewing in the back of my mind...

Imagine my surprise and extreme delight when I saw that this was NOT a dress, as I had remembered, but was actually separates - a blouse and a skirt!  And the skirt....HAS AN ELASTIC WAISTBAND.  AKA, my favorite feature on a garment EVER, OF ALL TIME!  Not to mention the red trim, the shoulder pads, the huge sleeve cuffs...just amazing.

This picture was taken in 1991, and now, 20 years later, I have to say...I still think this dalmatian ensemble is as beautiful as ever.


  1. i kinda fell in love with your grandmother a little more with this post. it's gonna be so awkward if i ever meet her- namely because i'll be in awe of her style/classiness.

  2. And currently, I am the age that G-ma is in the picture. Can that be possible?!