Purple People Eater

New skirt alert!  These pictures are especially exciting because they also display my Key West tan (which is still about 12 shades paler than what most other people would classify as "tan") and also my slicked back, middle part, unwashed hair I'm rocking today.  Awesome!
I've been wanting what the style experts classify as a midi length skirt for some time now.  I searched through my stash a couple weeks ago to see if I could find anything appropriate, and sure enough, here was this dark purple jersey just begging to be a midi skirt.  It was so perfect, in fact, that I used up every inch of it I had!
No pockets for this one, but it does feature my absolute favorite thing of all time:  (everyone knows about it by now, so we can all say it together)  ELASTIC WAISTBAND!
I love the color and I love the length.  This will be a perfect little addition to take me into Self-Stitched September and beyond!


  1. yes for elastic waistbands. quite possibly the best part of vintage fashion, i say! you look lovely and that skirt is beautiful!

  2. why are you the cutest thing ever? i'm sure glad we are friends!

  3. Oooo - I love the colour! It would fit perfectly into my Autumn wardrobe planning!