Worthy of Celebration

A couple weeks ago, I talked about how bored I had been while Scott was living at the library studying for his board exam.  Yesterday, he got back his scores, and he PASSED!  With flying colors, I might add. 

I knew he would.  He's a smart cookie, plus he really put in the work studying for hours upon hours every night in the library and when we went to the beach and when we were on the train and just about every moment in between.  He studied hard and it paid off.  So proud!

So, this calls for a little celebration, of course!  There is probably no better way to celebrate than by eating large portions of perfectly cooked meat, so this weekend, we're going to a famous steakhouse in Brooklyn called Peter Luger.  We even had to call 9 days ahead to get a reservation!  It's famous for good reason:  it's been named the best steakhouse in New York for 26 years in a row.  Can't wait to get my fork and knife into that steak.
It's going to be a combination celebration of so many great things that have been happening for us lately:  Scott passing his boards, me opening up my shop, our wedding anniversary last Sunday, and this Sunday is our two-year anniversary of moving to New York!  August has been treating us so well! 

Now the more important question:  Whatever shall I wear?


    So incredibly happy it's been such a great month for the Bryants :)

  2. YES!! a celebration indeed!

    scott - you're a rock star. congrats x 100!

  3. what you shall wear?? nothing. go bold.

    congrats scott!!! now we can all hand out again!!

  4. Congratulations to Scott, and to you, too, Val. What should you wear? Probably a little black dress.