We Went to Rosewood, But We Didn't Meet "A"

Last weekend while we were visiting Pennsylvania, Heidi and I convinced our husbands to drive us to the town of Rosemont, PA, because Heidi had heard somewhere that the town of Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars is based on it!  And it makes sense:  the author of the PLL books is from a suburb of Philadephia (like Rosemont/Rosewood) and the girls on the show are always taking the train into Philly (and it was only about a 20 minute drive away, and we saw the Rosemont/Rosewood train station!).  So, basically, we spent an afternoon running around, pretending like things we saw were things from the show (even though they weren't).  See my comparisons below; the show Rosewood is on the left, the real Rosemont is on the right.

Like this college campus!  The show has a college called Hollis, and this real college is called Rosemont College.  Pretty creative name for your college, Rosemont, PA.
There was this church, which had a bell tower, just like the one in PLL.
A bell tower which Scott climbed up, which was kind of terrifying but also awesome. (He did not fall to his death like evil Ian).  Also, on the show the church is tiny and only has like 5 pews, but this church was bigger, and also really pretty!
We sneaked into some doors that we were probably not supposed to go in to, just like they do on the show. All the time. And never seem to get caught.  Neither did we!
There was also a huge e-waste drop-off going on, where people were bringing all their electronics to be disposed of.  Probably that's where Caleb would go to pick up some black market phones and laptops.
We also found this very grand fireplace, like the one in the Hastings' living room, where the girls like to plot things and also where Spencer's dad burned her field hockey stick, which was some kind of important clue that everyone later just forgot about completely!
Also, pumpkins!  Because the Halloween special episode of  PLL is coming up.  So you know, pumpkins...Halloween.  That's the same.

Thanks for the memories, Rosemont/Rosewood!


  1. Your comparison is spot on, how did we not find A with all of our evidence.

    1. I'm sure that's how the girls feel ever week!!!!

  2. So if you went to visit Rosemont, there would be nothing like the show released, like the high school In Pretty Little Liars?

  3. What was the name of the church?