Weekend: Orchard-Pickin'

Over the weekend, we headed to PA to visit the Walkers!   While we were there, between free yoga class, eating at chain restaurants, going to Target, and watching Evil Dead, which Scott claimed was going to be "cheesy scary" but in reality I found to be terrifying, we also went to an orchard to pick some fresh produce!  Every fall, I've had a fleeting thought that we should go apple picking, so I'm glad to say we actually did it.
And, turns out, it wasn't really what we thought it was going to be.  Ha!  I thought apple picking involved ladders and wooden boxes.  Turns out, it involved a seemingly endless row of apple shrubs (I thought apples grew on trees?), walking through hundreds of bees and a stench the likes of something I had never before smelled, getting hotter every second, and the good-looking apples were tricky to find.

But find them we did, and rejoiced with each one!
This farm also had rows of veggies, so we picked up some of those too!

Like this really bizarre looking pepper...
and this hidden stash of eggplant.
The rest of the farm was awesome too.  We went to the food market and got ice cream (coconut Almond Joy for me - delish!), caught some live music, checked out the petting zoo, watched a lady do some hula-hooping, and looked around a craft fair.  The amazing thing was that it was all free of charge.  Seriously, if anyone reading this lives in eastern Pennsylvania, get thee to Linvilla Orchards! (P.S.  There was also a corn maize and hay rides, but we got there too late for them!)

We wanted to make a dinner feast with all our pickings, so Heidi and I went to the grocery store to get the rest of the necessary ingredients.  We were looking all around for a box of cornbread mix, when Heidi spotted this wall:
Nailed it.

We also put together a brown-sugary-cinnamony pie of deliciousness with this recipe and our freshly picked apples, and it was everything it was promised to be.
Thanks again, Marshall and Heidi, for another great weekend!


  1. You were in my neck of the woods this weekend - good ole PA! Wasn't the weather wonderful? It seriously couldn't have been any better. Agree and agreed! Although I spent the weekend in Center City (Philadelphia), I SO would have joined you on your orchard pickings.

  2. Gosh, why are we so cool? Just imagine in like 10 years when we go on weekend trips and we actually have money. I bet we still will sit around and watch old zombie movies.