We're on Mars Right Now

Have you been following along with Curiosity's journey on Mars?  I got home just in time from the airport to watch him land back at the beginning of August, and have been checking up on him every once in awhile to see what he's doing.
I know he's a machine and stuff, but I think he's sort of adorable!  Just motoring around up there on Mars, checking stuff out, sending stuff back, snapping some pics.  You know, just chillin'.

One of the first pictures he took was of his own little wheel/foot.
He's also been joy riding around Mars, making all sorts of crazy tracks!
(though he moves at some insanely slow rate, like 0.06 mph or something)

Curiosity even sent back a song from Mars to Earth last week.  Unfortunately, he chose a Will.I.Am. song, which is kind of lame, but all the space dudes are so into it, in their restrained sort of way.  Plus I love how they invited so many school kids to come listen!  Go science!

PLUS, as you may recall, our names are up there with him!  Somewhere on one of Curiosity's microchips, Scott and Valerie are taking the journey with him.  So keep on trucking, Curiosity!

*all pics from nasa.gov or rt.com


  1. It's a real life Wall-E!!!!!!!!!!

    He needs an Eva!

  2. You know, I haven't been following this but I may now that you've mentioned it. Thanks!