The Time We Accidentally Attended a Movie Premiere

And that time was last night!

So, here's what happened:  over the weekend, Scott saw on Reddit that there was an advanced screening of The Master at the Ziegfeld on Tuesday.  He has been dying to see this movie, tickets were only $10 (normally they're $13 here!), and it was days before anyone else got to see it, so we got them.  Having no idea what a genius decision this was.

[Also, here's the trailer.  This is a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed, Oscar-buzzing movie, plus this trailer is intriguing, no?]

Anyway, so we show up at the theater last night to get in line, only to discover that there is a red carpet laid out, there are paparazzi already there, and Luis Guzman is just hanging around.  We were like, "Uh, are we at a movie premiere?"
Answer:  yes.  We were at a movie premiere.  Accidentally!
We were given assigned seats, ushered into the building, handed free popcorn and water (uh, $10 movie AND free treats?!?!?!  Why am I not going to premieres ALL THE TIME?!).  Then we found our seats.
Such a gorgeous theater!  Though freezing cold.  Anyway, we were so far back and really wanted to be closer, so Scott went and asked nicely for closer seats, and then we were moved up to here:
Sort of off to the side, but I didn't care all that much when Harvey Weinstein and Amy Adams were standing in the aisle right next to me waiting to go up to the front to introduce the movie.  !!!!!  P.S.  She is seriously the prettiest.
Amy and Madisen Beaty (who was in the movie) on the red carpet LAST NIGHT!!!
Then they played the movie!  I liked it, but I don't think I got it.  When I just think about it as a whole, it makes sense to me.  But when I think about the individual bits of it, then I don't get it.  So...I don't know.  But Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, as always, completely embodied those characters in a way that is almost frightening.  Really spectacular.

Also, in case you were wondering, YES, there were other famous people there!  Like, everywhere!  We left the theater and saw Bryan Greenberg and David Straitharn.  When we had gotten a few blocks away, I realized I had left my camera under my seat, so we turned back in a panic, and went back in to find it, which was the best thing ever because then we walked directly past:  Fisher Stevens, Edward Norton, and Jack McBrayer.  And apparently, Adrien Brody, Gabourey Sidibe, and Rosie Perez were there as well, but we didn't see them!


Also!   Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character in this movie is loosely based on the founder of Scientology, and apparently, the Weinstein Company had been getting some strange calls from Scientologists in the days leading up to this premiere, so they had some beefed up security ordered!  We are fancy AND we live in danger!

P.S.  Just like I always I dreamed I would, I wore one of my own creations to my first ever red carpet event :)


  1. How lucky are you! I embarrassingly admit this but I have loved Amy Adams since I saw her Ella Enchanted and Julia and Julia. Yeh, I know, korny movies but what the hell, right? I'm so jealous you got to see her!

  2. love it. move to la where premieres abound! :-)

  3. the person i am most jealous of you seeing is of course, bryan greenberg.


  4. Nice! I love the Ziegfeld! My friend somehow got free tickets to the premiere of The Other Guys there, and we had the best time ever! Free popcorn!!!!!!!

  5. That is so awesome! And this is why I wish I lived in NYC, because things like this don't happen in "regular" cities like mine... what a cool experience that must have been!