The Cold Weather Skirt

First of all, please note that this a fake outfit.  It is waaaaaaaaay too cold right now to even consider going outside without all your limbs properly covered!

My co-worker Brittany and I have a tradition of what we like to call "Monday Funday."  That is, we always go to lunch together on Mondays, almost always to my apartment, and find something amusing to do while we eat (like watch videos from our favorite musical group, perhaps).  Well, this Monday, we didn't have to go to work, so we decided to make Monday Funday an all-day extravaganza!

Brittany hauled her sewing machine all the way up 90 blocks (mostly by subway, people, she's not a bodybuilder) to our house, where we set up shop in the kitchen and proceeded to sew our brains out.  While eating chocolate.  The result of her Monday Funday Sewing Extravaganza MLK Day 2011 can be seen here.

And here's mine!

This is such a basic little skirt, you don't even really need a pattern.  It's basically two big squares for the front and back, and four skinny rectangles for the waistband.  Seriously.  That's it.

This corduroy is leftover from the vest I made last year, and I had just enough to make this little mini, inspired by this skirt from UO.  Opinion:  Will it be possible to ever wear my grey corduroy skirt with my grey corduroy vest?  Where must the line be stopped between just enough grey corduroy and excessive grey corduroy?  If denim on denim is a Canadian tuxedo, what does that make corduroy on corduroy?  Also, does corduroy remind anyone else of the year 1998?

I added some pockets of course, because it is apparently impossible for me to make anything that does not have pockets.
All in all, I'm basically in love with this skirt, super glad I made it, and will be sticking my legs in some tights soon so I can wear this thing out into the NYC winter!


  1. That is SO cute! And I'm pretty sure you could pull off the vest AND skirt!

  2. I'm in love with this. for real.

    I think you'd be fine with the skirt/vest combo, but I'm no fashion expert

  3. yes, oversleeping this morning was AWFUL, especially because I set not one, but TWO alarms and still overslept... But I am enlisting the help of my grandma to call me and help me wake up, so hopefully oversleeping will come to an end soon!

    I'm really looking forward to this semester!

  4. I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out at:

    ...and now I look like I stalk your blog because 3/4 comments are mine. oops.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Valerie! I didn't know how I would feel about putting all this out there, but I decided that I needed to do it for me. I'm not necessarily getting deeper connections with others (or if I am, I'm not getting many comments about it), but I feel like I am connecting more to my own soul, and it's something I kind of needed to do since I am getting ready to be thrown into the real world!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

  6. I am proud to say I watched the (incredibly speedy) birth of this garment.

    Fact #1: There is never such a thing as too much grey corduroy. Fact #2: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica.

  7. uh, I am basically in love with that skirt! And the whole outfit actually! Make me one?

  8. Maybe you could do the gray skirt with the gray vest, but if you don't put a COLOR with it, you're gonna drive me nuts. Cute skirt, BTW.