What I Did Over Christmas Break: December 23 - December 28

Found the car of choice for Duncan, OK:  Black Chevy Tahoe

Survived a brutal attack from a rogue toy helicopter

Observed the traditional cousins' breaking of the wishbone

Hung out with these boys in Mary's barn (site of Real World: Barn Edition)

Watched those same boys build this gigantic bonfire and destroy half a shed in the process

Captured father and son having a real Okie Christmas, y'all

Hello again, blog world!  Nice to see you here, in 2011!


  1. so darn happy you are back :)

    and LOVE the pictures. so Oklahoma <3

  2. i wondered where i left my tahoe! well, this is embarrassing...

  3. hahahah... I LOVE the link to Real World: Barn Edition. Though I am mildly horrified that video is out there for all to see...