The Avocado Skirt

The result of a little stitching I did over the weekend:

Overly static clingy!
Overly excited!
Overly curled hair!
If you feel like it looks a little familiar to you, it probably does!  I used the very same pattern as I used for my Beetlejuice Skirt, with a slightly different peplum, and added a bow.  Because the skirt on the pattern envelope has one and I liked it.  And I'm a big copier.

Then I lined my Avocado Skirt with a lightly different shade of green.  More of an asparagus this time.

Overall, I dig it.  And it fulfills my daily vegetable needs.

You also might recognize my shirt as the Gingham Button-Up...that's right, I'm totally self-stiched today!


  1. I like :) the bow is adorable.

  2. I love the bow! how cute! And I just saw the beetle juice peplum and I would so buy it if I saw it in stores!

  3. You are amazing, seriously! I just found your blog the other day and am in such awe of you!

  4. oh MY! I love that skirt! And you MADE IT!?!?! You just blew my mind. I got a sewing machine for Christmas...what should I make first that is cute but still pretty easy to do!?

  5. thanks, everyone, for the compliments! you flatter me :)

    tunes & spoons: my recommendation would be a cute little elastic waist skirt. you can easily include pockets, and the elastic makes it (almost) foolproof! i'd be happy to direct you to some online tutorials or patterns if you want! e-mail me if you would like (valgal6 at hotmail dot com).

  6. Your skirt looks fantastic! Just a hint that my mom shared with me (if you don't already know) If you rub an unused dryer sheet to you clothes, it will prevent them from being too static-y on cold days!

  7. mallori - my mom told me the same thing! so funny you say that, because that actually IS what i did this morning...that is, AFTER i took these pictures. ha! it helped :)

  8. Good color. Nice peplum. Cute bow. Perfect length. Another good job!