Inspiration #3: The Long December Coat

One month ago today, I wrote a post entitled "Copycatting" in which I posted three pictures of garments I was inspired to make.  I finished Inspiration #1 and Inspiration #2 fairly quickly, but it took me a looooooooong time to get finished with the final one:  the winter coat.

Here's what I was working from:
I told you about my progress on this coat here and here and here.  I feel like there isn't too much more to say about this coat that I haven't already said, but I will say this:  I am very pleased with the final result - I love the color, I love the lining, and I'm really proud of the hours of work that I put into it.  It certainly isn't perfect but (if there is a) next time, I'll just be that much more ahead on my coat-making skills!

And finally (drum roll please), here's what I came up with!

Don't watch this for too long, you'll get dizzy!
Pattern:  Vogue 8626
Coat fabric:  moodfabrics.com
Lining fabric:  joann.com
Super high fashion photo shoot pics:  my husband Scott, who is cool


  1. WOW. Just wow...

    This is amazing Val, you should be sooooo proud of yourself! It and you both look amazing together :) It's like a the perfect match.

    And seriously, I don't think you could be anymore beautiful!

  2. a the*...

    real cool Sam.

    you have me so taken aback by your marvelous coat, I cannot type!

  3. this coat is perfect...you did an amazing job :) you wear this piece so well!!


  4. HOLY SMOKES! That's a FANTASTIC coat! I love the pretty floral lining! Congratulations on finishing a beautiful project!

  5. love the coat.
    love the photos.
    love YOU!

  6. Great job, Valerie! It is beautiful and looks fantastic on you. I'm so impressed. I'm so proud. :) And Scott did a great photo shoot. Really. And even tho you warned not to watch the film too long . . . . I got kinda dizzy anyway. Congratulations on a job well done!