More reasons why I like the internet.

I came upon two new (to me) websites this week, both which blew my mind in different ways.

The first is the Bayifier:  You upload any picture you want and transform it to look like it came from a Michael Bay movie. 

That one blew my mind with awesomeness.

The second is FutureMe:  Where you can write an e-mail to yourself and have it delivered...in the future.

I wrote myself a few, of course, to have them delivered to me at different points...in the future.
That one blew my mind with its time-traveling abilities.

And lastly, nothing really new here, but I sort of re-discovered my favorite Awkward Family Photo.  If you would like to see exactly what I see when I close my eyes and picture 1991, click here.


  1. whoa! that is crazy. i wonder where those letters go to wait to be delivered? maybe that's a dumb question, but honestly how do they know to send it out at a certain time??

    and the bayifier is awesome!!

  2. i'm thinking the same thing as e.day...where on earth do those letters go?!? and it will be sent to your future self...hmmm that is interesting. i think i will need to check this out...so fun!

    hope you have a great weekend friend!


  3. so many awesome things in this post. first of all, the michael bay photo-op is pretty much the best thing ever. love the shia heads (shia kind of rhyme with chia...they should do a shia chia pet...)

    also, those awkward family photos? priceless. the haircuts. oh the haircuts. mine would involve a side ponytail and pastel sweater, with one hand on my hip and the other resting against my head. sexy.


  4. where do the letters go...such a great question! because you can send it, like, really FAR in the future, too - as in 7 or 8 or 10 years! that's a long time to sit somewhere.

    there can really be only one answer to how this works: magic.