A Study in Black & White #3: Striped T

Almost every time I make something, I think to myself, "This is my favorite thing I've ever made!"  So clearly that statement doesn't really hold much weight around here, but this time I think I might really mean it...

For starter's, I love this top because I made it completely, 100%, totally without the assistance of a pattern of any kind - the first time I've ever done that!  All I used was Vanessa, some pins, and some scissors.  I knew I wanted a black-and-white-striped, 3/4 sleeve top because of how cute this gal looks in hers.  I ordered this interlock knit from Fabric.com, and when it arrived, I was super stoked to find it was a little bit thicker - not flimsy or thin at all - so it feels kind of luxurious!

First, I pinned the fabric around her to get the general shape, and cut the rest away:

Then I cut the neckline the way I wanted it to be, cut off the excess above the shoulders, and brought in the sides a little for a better fit:

I sewed that all up, and then made some tubes for sleeves:

Last steps:  attached the sleeves, finished all the edges, and attached the binding around the neck.  The final result:

My mom will agree with me on this one:  I love boatnecks.  So flattering, so feminine, and so classic.

Up next (after a holiday trip home!):  something colorful...


  1. LOVE IT! Looks really vintage <3

  2. SUPER CUTE. And I so love boatnecks too!! Man, I wish I had those skills...

  3. Stripes! I absolutely love it. One of my new favorites as well!

  4. so cute!! I have a dress I'd love your opinion on. I'll be posting pictures of it in a few days..xoxo have a merry christmas!