Inspiration #2: Something Fancy

Building off this pick from my inspiration post last Friday...

from modcloth.com
I made this:

I used a Frankenstein of patterns for this one:  Burdastyle's Anda pattern for the top, Simplicity 2440 for the bodice (which is the same pattern we used for Kendra's wedding dress!), and the skirt part from my 1-hour dress.  It's aliiiiiive!

AND this is the same fabric that I used for another little black dress you might remember...

I went all black for a little more classic look (and then I dressed myself up with some red lipstick and a big bun for the occasion!  The ocassion being...taking pictures in front of our closet).

(Guys, taking pictures of yourself is awkward and feels weird.  I'm still not over it.  The only thing that is more awkward was the time I asked Scott to take the pictures for me.  That was way too embarrassing!  So instead I just self-timer them all in our room with the door shut, and sometimes it takes me a reeeeally long time to get pictures I feel even halfway comfortable posting on the internet!)

This was the first time I have ever even attempted to work with lace, and it turns out, it wasn't so hard at all!  I was a little bit terrified I would rip it at some point and then have to start all over, but I tried to be gentle with it the whole time, and didn't have any problems!  In fact, I just sewed it like I would a normal fabric.


Lovely lace!
And I'm kind of digging it with my tiny red belt!  I feel French :)

And lastly, here's some scary pictures:

I feel like I'm channeling Taylor Momsen a little bit.  Except for about a pound less make-up, zero cleavage, and a way better attitude.  Oh, and also, I like my parents.

And lucky me, Scott already invited me to a fancy occasion I can wear this to!  It's just not until December.  Boo.  Until then I might just wear it around the house.


  1. Wow! This is probably one of my favorite pieces you have ever posted!! ((maybe because of the deep connection I feel with the shared material, haha))

    OK, yeah maybe an exaggeration but STILL! This dress is amazing Valerie. I absolutely love it. You need to be sure and post pics of the special occasion when it rolls around.

  2. and BTW, you may feel awkward but I promise you don't look the least bit awkward in your pictures! For real yo, you look hot :)

  3. why are you so talented? send a little bit of that my direction why don't ya!?

  4. i absolutely love this dress! i would wear it in a heartbeat! so classy and fun! if i didn't have a growing belly, i would ask you to make me one!!

  5. besides my wedding dress, because i'm incredibly impartial, this is my favorite thing you have created! it's absolutely beautiful... and i sort of want one.

  6. hello valerie...i ventured over to your corner of the world via a post from sam of love never fails. i adore your style and am a huge fan of modcloth...anyone who can be inspired and recreate such beauty is above and beyond fantastic.
    so excited to see more from you ♥
    have a magical day

  7. Valerie - the dress is beautiful. And perhaps more important, YOU look beautiful wearing this dress. Totally classy and absolutely stunning. WAY nicer than the inspiration pic, in my opinion.

  8. Fabulous dress! I am definitely going to follow your blog.. btw, do you sell some of your creations?? I would love to buy something of yours :)

  9. you're work is incredible!! I love to sew and I keep saying I'm going to start sewing some outfits for me to wear. you're amazing! xoxo