MMM - Day 8

The outfit:  Gigantic Red T-Shirt + Grey Checkered Dress

The occasion:  Wooooork.  Lots of work.

The result:
The reflection:  I had a hard time figuring out when I was going to wear this top or this dress in the month of March.  Neither one really goes with anything else I have that is "me-made"--or so I thought.  I kind of felt like a genius when I realized I should wear this top over the dress, so then the dress just looked like a skirt!  Everytime I look at this dress I still think that you can totally tell that it's made from fabric that was intended to be part of a quilt, but I'm okay with that.

Side note:  this fat black belt is my favorite belt I've ever owned, bought from an outdoor market in Florence, Italy, in 2007. 

Also, one time I wore this red shirt with this black belt and a pair of grey pants with black boots to work...and I looked just like a pirate.


  1. I love that top. Man, I need to start sewing. :)

  2. you know why you felt like a genius??

    love this outfit, I would have NEVER guessed that it was a dress, not just a skirt. And oh, aren't belts the best?!

    Guess who wore their AMAZING giveaway skirt to class yesterday?! It was my super long day on campus so I wanted to look extra comfy but extra cute as well. It was the first thing I thought of :)

    Love and miss you much my dear!

  3. I love the top, it fits so nicely! And the belt completes it for sure.

  4. I gave you another award! :) You can check it out here:

  5. I love that you turned the dress into the skirt. SO smart! You really inspire me to look outside the box with my wardrobe!