MMM - Day 15

The outfit:  Zigzag Wrap Dress (new!) + Letterman's Sweater

The occasion:  Rainy day, work

The result:
The reflection:  I just made this dress last night!  It's a pattern from the book Chic & Simple Sewing that I got for Christmas.  To be completely honest, it isn't the greatest pattern I've ever used, and I think if I hadn't made this of stretchy, forgiving jersey knit, it would not have fit me properly at all.  Nonetheless, I really like the print on the fabric and I like the dress overall.  I did wear it to work, but I actually don't feel like it was work appropriate...whoops!  This dress will be a go to this summer though - so simple to throw on and go.

Also, we can chalk this day up to one of those times when I accidentally dress like something and don't realize it until I'm actually at work (I've accidentally dressed like Prince [think Purple Rain], a ballerina, and a pirate before...I should start taking pictures).  But with the full skirt of this dress, my letterman's sweater, and my slicked back ponytail...I definitely felt like a sock hop girl today!

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