MMM - Day 21

The outfit:  Boatneck Striped T + Grey Corduroy Vest + Replacement Pants

The occasion:  being deafened by the fire (false) alarm, wondering if 5:00 would ever come, serious coldness

The result:

The reflection:  Yep, I wore this same shirt a mere four outfits ago, but I had to do some last minute panicked redos of outfits because of how cold it's gotten!  I was fully ready for at least 50 degree weather by the time we reached the end of March, and had planned on wearing some of my more spring-y dresses and tops, but nope.  Not in Mother Nature's plan.  But there IS one thus-far-unseen item today:  my vest!  The funny thing about it is that I burned a huge hole in the lining with my iron after I had finished it, but I still wear it anyway, and the hole is just my little secret...and now yours.

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  1. I dont care how many times you wear that shirt, it is adorable and I would wear it all the time! Love this one!