MMM - Day 17

The outfit:  Boatneck Striped T + Orange Ruffle Skirt + Multi-Chain Necklace (yep, I made that too!)

The occasion:  TGIF!

The result:

The reflection:  I know I've worn this me-made shirt a few times already this month (and I probably will wear it even more - ones of my favorites), but this is the first time for this skirt!  I like orange because I feel like it's a little bit of an underworn color.  Unless you grew up in Stillwater, OK, and went to Oklahoma State University, of course.

On a sidenote...we're just over halfway done with Me-Made March, but I am already reeeeally tired of talking about my clothes!


  1. That skirt is such a nice pattern.
    And good job on the necklace! I've never tried to make a necklace...

  2. The color of that skirt is so pretty! Love this one!

  3. I think this top should be our next giveaway!! :)

    *yes... I'm STILL thinking about it...*

  4. Orange is my favorite color this spring. I love it paired with the black and white. It's bold, but still really chic.