MMM - Day 28

The outfit:  Armadillo Dress + Black Vest

The occasion:  lunch date with Scott where he kindly switched me sandwiches because I liked his better, working 9 to 5

The result:

The reflection:  I made this black vest almost a year and a half ago now, and as I buttoned it up this morning, I realized it's probably one of the better-made pieces I have.  It's lined and the buttons are really even!  I took my time on this one and I think it came out really quality.  I liked this outfit today because of the masculine/feminine dichotomy within it:  menswear-inspired vest and boots versus a slim-fitting dress and lace tights.  Although I can hear my mother's voice in my head now saying, "Valerie, wear some color!"  Sorry, Mom :)

And I still maintain that the sleeves on this dress look like armadillos.

1 comment:

  1. Tami Taylor wore a dress like this!!!! I saw it and went, VALERIE!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I heart the armadillo dress.