The "1-Hour" Dress?

I bought McCall's 6069 a few months ago when I decided I wanted to delve into sewing some knits.  When the pattern arrived in the mail, I was pretty pumped when I saw this on the front:

A dress in one-hour?!  Sign me up for that!  You know how much I like instant gratification.

But then I followed the asterisk to the bottom of the page to find that it said this:

Trickery!  For a fleeting second I was upset that McCall's could try to pull one over on me like that, but then I decided to take it as a challenge (you know how I like those too), and see if this dress is, in fact, make-able, in just 60 minutes.

I grabbed a stopwatch (that is, I grabbed my phone and went to the stopwatch function) and got started.  I am only timing when I am actually pressing down the pedal on my sewing machine, taking the "sewing machine time" in it's most literal sense.  Here's what I've got after 9:09.43 of sewing time:

Think I can finish the rest in 50:50.57?  We shall see!

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