Paisley Button-Up: Three Months in the Making

What I made:
Button-up top, Simplicity 2601
Fabric from Granny's stash (which you may recognize from the Good Ol' Fashioned Bloomers...and I still have enough yardage left to make a sundress!)

Wild hair and make-up-less face provided by an entire Saturday of sewing
Mid-head bang?
When I made it:
As the title of this blog entry suggests, I started making this top almost three months ago, in anticipation of Self-Stitched September.  Once I had the bodice pretty much finished, I tried it on and discovered that it was too big - but only around the waist section.  Since it's a double-faced waistband, fixing it would basically entail ripping apart everything I had done so far, and I just couldn't bear the thought.  I pulled it back out this weekend though, seam ripper in hand, and got the thing finished!  Don't want any UFO's (un-finished objects) lying around clogging up my sewing room.

What I like about it:
Probably my favorite thing about this top are the fabric-covered buttons.  They're just so cute and small and matchy!  Probably my least favorite thing is the fact that these fabric-covered buttons don't actually like to stay buttoned.  I'll be wearing a tank top underneath and doing a wardrobe malfunction check on the hour when I wear this to work this week!


  1. Your stance is FIERCE woman! I. Love. That.

    This shirt very well may be one of my favs! So glad you decided to finish it so I can have yet another piece of clothing to envy :)

  2. Really nice, Boodge. Is it blue, or brown? To fix the button prob, you just need to 1( get a little bigger buttons, or 2)make the loop a little smaller by bringing the loop attachments closer together. That may not be a hard fix.

  3. it's kind of a bluish-purple, mom! you would like it. also i think the problem might be more that the loops are just so thick. aw, well. i've been wearing it for 3 hours already today and no wardrobe malfunctions to speak of thus far!

  4. Soooo..... I've just been browsing through your post and cloths, trying not to be too much of a creeper :)and marveling how amazingly talented you are. It is so cool! You do a great job and it's so fun to look at! I knew you were quite the seamstress from Kendra's very elegant and fun wedding dress, but jeez girl! Start a line, and let me buy lots of cloths