Three in a row: Of Bats and Elephants

Is anyone else pleasantly surprised by the amount of sewing getting done around here?!  Here's my third new garment to show you in as many days!  I'm never this sewing-prolific!  I love it!

What I made:
The so-called "Batwing Top" - a free pattern from Burdastyle
Elephant print sweatshirt fabric from Fabric.com
Bats + Elephants!  Two animals that should join forces more often, if you ask me.

When I made it:
Get this:  I woke up early to piece together and cut out this pattern yesterday morning before work, went home at lunch and cut the fabric (where I encountered the unforeseen dilemma of not having enough, so I had to get creative), and then sewed this up from 5:15 until 6:45, when I left my house to go to my book club!  A true one-day creation!

I also didn't start out with the intention of leaving the bottom edge raw, but I didn't have time to sew on the bottom band before leaving my house.  Turned out I sort of like it that way though, so I think I'm going to leave it!

What I like about it:
I'm not really sure why these elephants attracted me so much when I saw this fabric online, but I love the print.  I realize this would probably be better suited for some sort of baby sweatshirt or toddler track suit (as that is the age when it is most acceptable to wear some type of animal plastered on your clothing), but I dig it nonetheless.  Also, it's reeeeeally cozy, and I had been afraid I wouldn't be able to find anything to sew for wintertime - not true!

Me being a bat and showing off my wings.  Because I'm pretty sure bats' faces look exactly like this.


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  2. I LOVE THE ELEPHANTS (and the raw edge).

    I've seen a bat up close, in my office no less, and they look just like that. True story.

  3. Good bat face, but don't do that in the semi-dark in front of the mirror! I like your batephant top.