The "55:46.72" Dress!

It's official:  The 1-Hour Dress can be done!  I'm pretty relieved that McCall's wasn't tricking me.  Or at least not directly.  Because this dress definitely still took more than an hour to make (more like about 5 hours, from cutting to being finished, which is about like a normal garment takes me), but it DID only take me 55 minutes, 46.72 seconds, to do the actual sewing on the machine part!

Anyway, here she is:

What I made:  
McCall's 6069, a simple little pullover dress, but with a real fancy neckline!
Printed jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

When I made it:
Cut it last week, sewed it over 3 nights this week.

What I like about it:
Let's get this out of the way first:  POCKETS!

Secondly, as you may have noticed from my other clothes I have put up on this blog, or just from knowing me in real life, this dress is kind of a departure from what I normally wear!  And I think in this case, it's definitely a good thing.  I don't wear a lot of prints (which I have only just recently realized, and want to remedy), and I generally lean more towards fitted or structured clothes.  This is a fun little departure from the norm for me, and I like it a lot!  Plus, stretch knits = super, duper, dee-duper comfortable.

And how I wore it to work today (that back is slightly too scandalous for an office setting):


  1. Wow! Look how gorgeous you are... And that bum, very nice haha. (my humps my humps, my lovely lady lumps!)

    Overall a beautiful dress friend, and congrats!!! You did it. Not that I ever thought you couldn't. You need to give yourself more credit :)

    Hope you have an A+ weekend ahead. You should probably wear this out somewhere and celebrate the conquer of the 1-hour dress. Just sayin'....

  2. It's beautiful, Valerie. I love it.