So Domestic

Another sewing project accomplished with a friend via the wonders of Skype!  It only took Kendra and I two sessions to finish these aprons.

What we made:
The Groovy Hostess Apron - make it for free! (and don't let the cheesy name throw you)
Cotton fabric from the Michael Miller collection at Fabric.com

I promise I have shorts on.
When we made it:
We did the cutting on Wednesday of last week, and did all the sewing on Sunday afternoon.  We both agreed Sunday sewing is our favorite - just a leisurely afternoon, chatting with a friend, no stress, no bedtimes, nothing to do!

Spatula holster.
What I like about:
Cute, easy, functional.  Also: POCKETS.

In action!  And totally natural.  This isn't posed and self-timered at all...
 My culinary creation for the night?  Homemade burgers and fries (which Scott cut up himself!).  That's All-American for you.

And if you want to see Kendra's super cute version (you know you do), click here!


  1. Look how cute you are cooking in your apron!! I love the action shot.

    The first thing my co-worker said to me when I showed her the photos was "no way will you cook in something so cute".

    uh, YES WE WILL

  2. Again, as I told Kendra, Christmas presents! These are too adorable to just be a one time project :)

  3. Very cute, Bing. (You, too, Kendra!) Now get in the kitchen and start cooking!