Day 16 - Chambray Blazer of Glory!

**Blazer of Glory refers to the fact that although this jacket did everything it could to defeat me, I managed to emerge victorious! The instructions were incredibly vague, and since I've never made a jacket before, I didn't have any prior experience or knowledge to go on! I ended up omitting the pockets and the buttons at the cuffs because I just plain did not understand how in the world I was supposed to do them. The rest of it I basically just made up. This one was A STRUGGLE, folks. But look, I did it!**

What I made:
Blazer from the Jorinde jacket pattern on Burdastyle
Chambray fabric from Fabric.com (same fabric as my shorts from Day 5 )
Lining fabric from Goregous Fabrics

When I made it:
Sometime between the months of March and June, I think. It took that long for reals.

What I like about it:
The lining - love, love, love the lining fabric!
The fact that I was even able to finish this thing and it is somewhat wearable. Seriously, guys. It was SO HARD!
The covered button - I know that's a tiny, almost insignificant detail, but for some reason I just love the fabric-covered button I made for the front!


  1. I love the blazer. I am really loving the outfit with the blazer, black dress and tights, so cute. I want you to make me blazer. I would have never imagined that something that appears simple is quite hard to make.

  2. i want to make a blazer but i'm still a bit scared. your lining fabric and the covered button are really great!