What I loved about our family vacation...

Geeking out with my sister.

Having a sibling, a sibling-in-law, and a husband who don't mind getting just a LITTLE wet.

Walking around with a husband who dresses like this. While eating this.

Being a member of a family that gets there before the park opens. And is excited about it.

Having parents who plan family vacations with their kids, even though they are all grown up.
Love you, Mom and Dad.


  1. Love this!! You looked like you had an awesome time!

  2. It was our pleasure, Valerie. Glad you had a great time--we did, too. But in that picture when I'm wearing that white hat and am all excited . . . do you think I kinda look like a turtle?!

  3. Yes, like a turtle who is happy to be at Disney World!