Dottie Adele: New in the Shop!

I have four new items in my Etsy shop today!  Three skirts in primary colors, and a dress in a gorgeous green.  I would love for you to click over to find out more about these new pieces, or just check out the shop!  You'll find a variety of handmade women's clothing there, just itching to be paired with tights and scarves for the upcoming fall!
New items in Dottie Adele


  1. that green dress shall be mine! i love all the new pieces and you are absolutely gorgeous honey :) so excited for the expansion of Dottie Adele!

  2. LOVE! the new additions look so amazing!!

  3. Wow, I'm in love with that blue skirt!
    Oh no, wait, what about that green dress :-)
    Unfortunatly, I'm living in Germany, so i can't buy it, but this might be a new october sewing project!
    Greetings, Anne

  4. Sooo lovely! i love the color of that dress, and the colorblock skirt is so great!

  5. Wow! Good job. The green dress color is fabulous. I love the style of it, too. Also 3 cute skirts. . . . . wish I were younger.

  6. Lovely shop! I adore the skirts with the heart shaped waist bands :) Now all I need is a job so I can buy one...lol. Following you now :)