SSS: Days 1 & 2

Self-Stitched September Day 1

The outfit:  Zigzag Wrap Dress + Purple People Eater Skirt

The occasion:  channeling a ballroom dancing instructor (this skirt is so twirly plus I was wearing heels that kind of look like character shoes...it just felt like I was going to dance class!),work, quesadillas for dinner!

Self-Stitched September Day 2

The outfit:  Chambray Addiction Shirt + Giving Up Your Heart Skirt

The occasion:  TGIF, lots of hair compliments, possible last time I wear this shirt...my poorly drafted sleeves are cutting off the circulation to my armpits


  1. Love both the outfits but especially the 2nd one. I hope you don't have to retire that shirt, it's fab!

  2. #1. you look tan.
    #2. i'm almost about to come back to the east coast... tuesday.
    #3. when are we going to six flags?
    #4. i miss you