SSS: Days 26-28

Self-Stitched September Day 26

The outfit:  Black Ponte Knit Dress + Multi-Chain Necklace

The occasion:  work, itchiness (never making a dress in this fabric again...I was suspicious when I got it so cheap), regular ol' Monday madness


Self-Stitched September Day 27

The outfit:  Slouchy Blouse + Giving Up Your Heart Skirt (similar skirt available in teal and burnt orange in my shop!)

The occasion:  work, being baffled once again at the neon-ness of this skirt in pictures...it does NOT look that bright in real life, too many bobby pins in my bun - ouch!


Self-Stitched September Day 28

The outfit:  Festival "Fringe" Top + Colorblock Skirt

The occasion:  work, deciding it was moccasin season again, epic napping upon arrival at home

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