SSS: Days 19-21

Self-Stitched September Day 19

The outfit:  Shall We Dance Top + Husband's Cardigan + Grey No-More-Elastic-Waistband Pants*

The occasion:  work, high-fiving myself for successfully growing my hair back out to side braid length, getting the DVR set for all these shows

*So these are actually some pants I got on sale at the UO in Las Vegas while on a trip with this girl a couple years ago.  I love them to death - especially the ankle length and the very high waistband - but they had this weird elastic waistband thing going on.  Yes, I know, I'm a huge fan of elastic waistbands, but not when it's only on the back half of pants, and not if the elastic isn't tight enough to actually hold up.  I ended up taking out the elastic, refitting the pants using some darts, ripping out one side seam, and adding in a side zipper.  Is that enough reconstruction to count as "self-stitched"?  I hope so, because I'm counting it!

Self-Stitched September Day 20

The occasion:  work, recovering from the success of my side braid by not fixing my hair at all, a trip to good ol' trusty Rite Aid (whom you can always trust to be out of dishwashing soap and have an unnecessarily long check-out line)

 Self-Stitched September Day 21

The outfit:  Smoking Jacket + Everywhere Dress (you could get your own in grey and ivory stripes here)

The occasion:  work, being the most comfortable person in the office because I'm wearing an entire outfit of knits, marveling at some people's lack of e-mail etiquette


  1. 40% off EVERYTHING?! best UO sale ever. (the length of the purple people eater skirt is fantastic, by the way)

  2. haha i have just another inch or so until i can high five myself for being able to side braid my hair. can't waiiiiit. the first outfit is my favorite. sooo cute and classy. :)

  3. Day 19 - LOVE the splash of gold within that gray. So cute.

    Day 20 - I have to say it again: PURPLE!!!

    Day 21 - Isn't that jacket in my closet? Yes, it is, but it's purple! :)