The Everywhere Dress

I whipped this dress up on a Saturday night while Scott was studying at the library.  This grey doubleknit was just sitting in my fabric stash (leftover from my Tiny (No)Pocket Tank 2), waiting patiently to be used up, and I figure this was the perfect project!
I'm calling this one the Everywhere Dress, because I feel like I could wear it...everywhere!  And anywhere!  In fact, I wore it to work yesterday under a cardigan.  I feel like it could be just as fitting for a dinner out with heels, or with some flat sandals for a summer picnic.  I put in an elastic waist band (my favorite!), so it's extra super comfortable, and in fact, I didn't even take it off when I got home from work and wore it all the way until bedtime!  And probably would have had no problem sleeping in it.

The neckline gathers along the top...
 and the back has a little keyhole and ties in a bow.

And the final reason that I like it so much...it's of my own design!  No commercial pattern used for this one whatsoever, just my own idea, some measuring tape, the fabric, and some scissors.  I might make this one in every color of the rainbow.  And then sleep, eat, work, and play in them all the time.


  1. I really like the Valerie Design - stretchy waistband, the all-around comfy factor, and back especially!

    I can't quite imagine ever wanting to wear work clothes until bedtime, but I will take your word for it that the dress is just THAT comfortable :)

  2. Love it! Now I have to figure out how to make my own...

  3. I LOVE IT!! I am so very imspired to try sewing my own clothes after seeing all your amazing pieces...oh and of course being I own one of them as well!!

  4. Adorable! I need to learn how to sew immediately.

  5. I absolutely love this dress!!! I love it when dress clothes are so comfy you can wear them all day. I also approve of having multiple things of the same style (actually a really bad habit of mine), so I say go for it! (I also tend to be an enabler.) ;)

  6. Valerie! That's fantastic! Awesome job...I've been working on making my own patterns and it is so tough :) -Lo

  7. I love it! You are SO talented!! Seriously, I could never whip something like this up! I get instantly stressed just by the sight of a sewing machine haha!
    Oh and you are GORGEOUS!