Jolly Holiday Shorts

I've had scallops on the brain lately, I just couldn't decide where I wanted to put them.  On a skirt hem?  A waistband?  A neckline?  Finally, I found some inspiration in some denim fabric I've been hoarding for months now, and came up with these:

I adore them.  It was my first time ever trying something like a scalloped hem, and it wasn't as daunting as I thought it might be!  Since these aren't exactly work appropriate, I haven't worn them out and about just yet, but hopefully I'll have a first wear this weekend (and let you know what my final verdict is!).

Pattern:  McCall's 5391 (also used for these and these)
Fabric:  Denim from Fabric.com
Soundtrack:  Show tunes on Pandora; specifically "Jolly Holiday with Mary" from Mary Poppins!


  1. SO cute. you made these? that is really awesome! i'd love to be able to make clothing, but that kind of art is just not my forte.. at all.. at all, at all.

  2. oh my goodness, i've said it time and time again..but seriously you're incredible! i love scallops!

  3. I found this little diddy today.


    I believe those are scalloped shorts. So, naturally, I concluded from this that you are a supermodel and therefore more than qualified to be on dtws.