Breezy Blouse

Sometimes it's nice to have something new to wear on Monday morning, just to start the week off right. And if it's in a fairly loud shade of green, all the better!  So today, I'm breezy like Monday morning (okay, so those aren't exactly the right lyrics, but they work for me today!).
 Worn today with my Beetlejuice Skirt
I made this blouse sans pattern, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. The front and the back are the exact same shape, only the back is sliced down the middle at the top to create a keyhole (one of my other new favorite things, to add to the list with elastic waistbands!)
I made my own bias tape for the neckline and the armholes and really like how it turned out.
And because Scott always likes to poke his head in...


  1. also made me think of Monica: "...so let me know, or don't, whatever. I'm breezy."

    the loud shade of green looks fabulous with your beetle juice skirt!

  2. I love it...and I am not even a huge fan of green!

  3. That skirt is fantastic.
    I love the back detail!

    Hilary Mae

  4. Ahh....color! Cute top--you should make another one is a different color--or polka dots! And the skirt is one of my all-time favs. Good job.