Pleasant Paisley Top + LAST DAY of Me-Made-June

Unfortunately, if I were to name this top after what I was watching while I made it, it would have to be The Secret Life of the American Teenager Top, and that's just embarrassing.  So instead, it will henceforth just be known as the Pleasant Paisley Top, because was both pleasant to make and pleasant to wear, and also...it's paisley.

It's made from the exact same (neverending) fabric as the Paisley Button-Up, but since that shirt is slightly too small and the buttons are slowly deconstructing themselves over time, that shirt is about to be retired.  I like the fabric because I think it's a little unexpected and borderline tacky, so I wanted to make a replacement.  This shirt was born!
Now Vanessa is pantsless!  Really, she's such a exhibitionist.
I wanted it to have an uneven hem, shorter in the front and longer in the back, and this honestly turned out a little bit more exaggerated that I wanted it to be, but I'll wear it anyway!
And I added a tiny pocket for carrying my tiny cell phone.

And I also wore this top on the last day of Me-Made-June Day 30!  The end is here.  30 whole days of me-mades accomplished!

The outfit:  Pleasant Paisley Top + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  work, a great hair day, and later, a walk in the park (but with shorts instead of the skirt)

A Me-Made-June wrap-up will be forthcoming!


  1. I love this top! The design is so aussie :) LOVE LOVE LOVE! As usual :)

  2. I cannot believe me made June is over- so sad! I loved seeing all your outfits!