Another One Down: The End of Me-Made-June

Another month of a Me-Made challenge has come and gone!  For the entire month of June, I only wore clothes (not including underwear or swimsuits) that I either made or altered or used my sewing machine on in some way.  Here's the round-up, because collages are fun!

This is the third Me-Made challenge (started by Zoe) I've participated in.  During the first, Self-Stitched September, I only wore one thing a day that I had made; I got through the entire month without any repeats, meaning I had 30 me-made garments by the end!  The second was Me-Made-March; for this challenge I decided to wear only things I had made.  This proved much harder for me.  I planned out the whole month far in advance with spreadsheets and lists, wanting to make sure I even had enough clothing and clothing combinations to wear for 30 days.  I made it - just barely.

This time around, things were different mainly in that I didn't do any advance planning whatsoever.  I was simply able to get up in the morning and get dressed from my closet full of only things I had made (I moved everything else to a different closet so I wouldn't be tempted!).  To my surprise, I found that it wasn't even hard to do this time, and I also found that I forgot I was even participating in a "challenge" - it rarely crossed my mind that I was wearing clothes that I made, but rather just...clothes.

I guess the conclusion to all this is that I finally feel like I'm in a very good place regarding my handmade wardrobe and where I wanted it to be.  I love, love, love making my own clothes, and my goal a year and a half ago was to have a wardrobe that was mostly made up of handmade things.  Well, I don't want to declare my goal met by any means (this is an ongoing, rest-of-my-life kind of goal, after all!), but I can, at this point, look in my closet and feel extremely pleased with what I see!

Thanks for reading along during Me-Made-June!  Next up will be Self-Stitched September 2011 - and my one year anniversary of Me-Made challenges!


    i must say this was such a fun month to watch! i feel like i can see your comfortability in your photos, clothes, poses, etc. You can totally see all the progress and even happiness in everything you do and it all just continues to get even more awesome!

  2. wow, this sounds like a really hard challenge! awesome job :) all of your outfits are sooo cute.. i can't believe you made them.. amazing!