Bows-On-The-Shoulders Dress

Another week, another dress!
I didn't use a pattern for this number, just a lot of measuring and guesstimating and experimenting.  I knew I wanted a ruffle on the neckline, ties on the shoulders, pockets, and (you guessed it) an elastic waistband, so I basically just figured out how to make it all work!
I think this actually would have been cuter with a little shorter hemline, but since I like to make things that I can wear to work, I left it closer to my knees.
The green and tan tiny plaid fabric was actually given to me by my grandma at Christmas, and it had belonged to my great-grandmother!  She had sewn the majority of my mother's wardrobe for my mom's childhood and teenage years, and was a better seamstress than I could probably ever even dream of being, so I just loved getting to use some of the fabric from her stash!  I love feeling so connected to the generations of my family through sewing.


  1. super cute!
    you did a really great job.
    and i like the hem line, i think it looks just right.


    ps.. No pattern?!