Merchandise of the Month: May, June, & July

For my 2011 New Years' Resolution of sorts, I challenged myself to only buy one item of clothing from a store for the entire year (here's what I bought in January, February, March, and April).  Turns out, it actually hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be, and I even went for a few months without buying anything at all!  Without further adieu, here are my next three items I deemed worthy of our hard-earned money.

Oxfords from DSW
Maxi dress from JCPenney
Standing in front of the giant screen set up at Lincoln Center for the HARRY POTTER PREMIERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romper from Express
Is this too much like pajamas to wear in public in real life?!
And now I'll be on the search for what I can get for August!


  1. I'm stealing those Oxfords when I visit in December. Just fyi...

  2. Those are such cute oxfords! I really want to get a pair but I just don't know if my legs can pull it off! haha. :) -Lo