Weekend: Bachelor Stalking

It's really no secret how big of a fan I am of the entire Bachelor franchise (I mentioned it in passing here, here, here, and here, for goodness sake!).  To quote my good friend Heidi, "If I saw Angelina Jolie on the street, I don't think I would care, but if I saw Jillian...I would probably pee my pants."

To get ourselves some reality tv star sighting excitement, Brittany and I headed to Webster Hall on Friday night to see Michael Stagliano (Jillian's Season, Bachelor Pad 2, breakdancer after my own heart) play some tunes!

During the opening acts, our backs hurt, so we had to go find somewhere to sit down.  In the room between the bathrooms, we found a bench, as well as these old artifacts to play with.
We also pretty quickly discovered that we were inadvertent geniuses.  Everyone has to go to the bathroom some time, and we were situated exactly between them both.  Sure enough, this guy rolled up after not too long:
GRAHAM BUNN.COM (also quoted from Heidi) [Deanna's Season, Bachelor Pad 2].  I want you to know that Brittany started our conversation with him by saying, "I googled you today and all the pictures I could find, you didn't have your shirt on."  He liked it.  We liked him.  Also, the first picture I took of them, his face looked like this:
which is pretttttty awesome.

Then, these girls passed us by, so we joined them in the bathroom:
Stars of the current (Ben's) season, Jenna (who doesn't really cry as much as they would have liked us to believe) and Rachel, my bangs idol!  These girls have beautiful hair, as you have surely noticed, since about 62% of the above picture is actually their hair.  We talked to them for quite a long time, and were assured that this evening's Women Tell All episode will be a doozy.  I felt like a Bachelor insider with that info!

When we finally left our bathroom stake-out position, we immediately ran into this tiny pixie:
Little Ashley S. (Brad's Season)!  Guys, she has the best Bachelor recaps ever of all time on her blog, Say No To Cosmo.  Go read them all.  There are awkward screen grabs with people making the strangest faces and words written in all capital letters, AKA two of my favorite things.  Also, her boyfriend's name is Scott, and my husband's name is Scott...so we have a lot in common.

Finally, after about 3 hours of stalking, Michael himself took the stage! 
After a few songs, he told everyone to take out their phones and text someone that they love and tell them that they missed them.  He claimed that he texted his dad, but I am pretty certain that in actuality, he texted Jillian.  You did, didn't you, Michael?  Please confirm.
 Some of the people around us were also interesting.  Amazing pants/shoes combo.
 Also, look at the size of this girl's phone!  That's practically an iPad, am I right?
Michael is such a sensitive soul, he tattooed his guitar with the name of his tour.  Also, he breakdances, once sat on Bret Michels' tour bus (my infatuation with Rock of Love is a whole other blog post), has a voice that would sooth babies, and is a twin.  This guy is so legit.

Eventually, because we are old and have various pains in our bodies, we left.  But this is how happy we were as we bid all our new Bachelor buds good-bye.  The zooming is accidental, but our smiles are completely on purpose.
Our parting words:  "I am so pumped to do my taxes!"


  1. the phone recap was pretty incredible, and seeing the pictures makes it even better. sad i left the east coast or else we would have stalked together!

  2. I can't stop screaming. You both look fabulous.

  3. this is AWESOME. haha... i wish i could have been there with you!

  4. my jealousy is truly immeasurable at this moment. AH!

  5. I am so jealous too! That is amazing! And now I'm loving Ashley S.'s blog of course because she was the cutest!

  6. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe my feelings.

  7. we can't not be awesome. it just isn't in our nature. also: ALL OF YOU SHOULD COME WITH US NEXT TIME. it will be magical. promise.