What's Coming Up

In 12 hours:  the end of Friday the 13th (the first of three this year!).  Hopefully we will have all survived with no major mishaps or unluckiness!

In 1 day and 8 hours:  Miss America pageant!  Fun fact:  My cousin Becki won the title of Miss Kansas in 2009 and competed in Miss America!  It was incredibly exciting seeing her on TV.  (Yes, she is talented AND beautiful).

In 1 week:  my last visit to Philly before the Walkers move on to warmer climates (Phoenix, AZ)

In 23 days:  my next book club meeting.  It's probably time to start reading both the books we plan on discussing...

In 1 month and 4 days:  Off to Denver to see alllllll of our best friends!

In approximately 2 monthsBachelor finale!  I already can't stand the wait.  P.S.  I started playing fantasy Bachelor following these rules.  It adds a whole other element of fun to watching!  Plus two of my girls were the 1-on-1 dates this week AND got kissing, so I racked up the points!

In 1 month and 27 days:  I'll turn 27.  When I was a teenager, I thought 27 was the age when you really had your life together.  Now I know it's the age when you still like young adult television shows and sometimes feed your husband cereal for dinner.

In 2 months and 4 days:  These two crazies, Julie (my former roommate) and Catherine (my favorite mama!), come to visit!  We all met when we studied abroad in England (this is them posing on some Stonehenge rocks.  You should have seen them trying to get up there).

In 11 months and 24 days:  Blue Ivy Carter will turn 1 year old.  Who cares, she's already on the Billboard charts.

In 1 year and 5 months:  our time in NYC will end.  It's coming up faster than I would like!

In 40ish years:  retirement


  1. I love these posts! I also love I get to see you in a week!! Also you forgot to add our epic husband's graduation vacation. it has to happen.

  2. Stop winning Bachelor fantasy draft!!!!

    Also, someone recommended Matched to me earlier this year. Haven't got to read it yet, although I racked on a late fee for it at the library. Whoops. Let me know what you think!

  3. Lots to look forward to. Great!