Another Refashion: Making It Big(ger)

Last weekend when I was in Philly with Heidi, I was supposed to be helping her clean out her closet for her move.  You know how I love a good closet purge!  Although Heidi is tiny and I am tall, there were a few things she tossed into her donation pile that I had to swipe and bring home for myself.  One of them was this blouse:
It kind of looks like it fits me in this picture, but the reality is that the midriff was way too tight.  When I wore it to the office on Tuesday, there was the dreaded gaping between the buttons and just an all-around feeling of not being able to breathe as much as I would normally like.  Since I like to be able to take a good, deep breath once in awhile without living in fear of a gape, I knew something must be done.

I just adore the crazy little print on this blouse, so I wanted to keep it as much as possible.  But how to make something bigger?  There's only one thing you can do:  Add more fabric.  Which is exactly what I did, right down the middle!  I grabbed some black knit I had in my stash, and in two easy steps, this blouse was transformed:
And became this:
I don't know if you can tell, but I am totally taking deep breaths in that picture!

Also, this:
Thanks, Heidi, for your donation to my refashioned closet!


  1. Love this!! Great re-fashion!

  2. incredible! I'm so impressed.

  3. you are welcome. xoxoxoxoxox. can't wait to see all rest of the clothes I donated to you!!

  4. So smart! I'm loving it a whole lot more now too :-)

  5. Looks great! You're so creative :)

    Love the thumbs up!