A Visit from Friends to Ring in 2012! Or, Steve Martin Steve Martin!

For the New Year, my dear friends Sam and Rachel came out for a visit. They arrived just in time for a classic NYC NYE celebration, and stayed on for 4 more days and let me be their tour guide. Here's just a fraction of the pictures I took, but hopefully they convey at least a fraction of the truly wonderful time we had!
Remember that time we celebrated at midnight on a boat in the Hudson River, with a view of fireworks on the left, the Statue of Liberty on the right, and "Empire State of Mind" blasting on the speakers? That was awesome. 

Midnight laugh kissing
The best picture of the night: Timer pic from the top of a trash can 

A visit to the fairly recently opened 9/11 Memorial
A walk across the Bridge, Brooklyn --> Manhattan
An exploration of the Museum of Natural History: whales and dinos
Okay, okay, okay, story time:  So we were walking down the sidewalk along Central Park West, around 75th or so.  There was a dapper older gentleman walking towards us in an overcoat, a fedora, Wayfarers, and a scarf.  I noticed him when he was about a block away, but it wasn't until he was about 20 feet in front of us that I realized exactly who he was.  At which point I stopped dead in my tracks, turned all the way around so I was facing Rachel, and said loudly, "Steve Martin Steve Martin Steve Martin!"  Just to make sure it was real obvious to him that we saw who he was, you know?  (All these years in NYC, and I'm still such a child when I spot celebrities).  Well, Rachel and Sam, being much more mature than I, smiled at him, and he gave us a little grin back.  Sam then immediately Tweeted, " you just smiled at me walking down the street by Central Park. Made my year! ."  About an hour later, a friend told Rachel to go check Steve Martin's Twitter and he had Tweeted, "My New Year’s resolution is to fake smile more."  YOU GUYS.  There is no way that that could not be directly in reference to Sam's Tweet.  It has to be!  Right?  RIGHT?!?!!?  Here is some documentation of when we saw that:
And then here are some ducks:
Rockefeller Center + a deceivingly pretty blue sky (it was actually about 20 degrees)
Top of the Rock: so tourist-y, so perfect
I'm pointing literally right at our building! (Nice camera placement skills, Rach)
Hellooooooo (and good-bye!), Times Square!


  1. what a spectacular looking weekend. vicariously living through you all, steve martin was a definite highlight!

  2. SO. I thought yesterday was my favorite post on TT&TIL.


    This one way trumps.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

    I could not stop laughing at the duck picture because that was literally exactly how we felt, hahaha. Friends fountain, meh. Central park, meh. STEVE MARTIN TWEETED US! Who cares about the rest.

    PS... I think I wore the same thing. 4 days in a row.

  3. i am saddened that i missed meeting sam and rachel. i cannot wait until we combine our friends and create a cataclysm of awesomeness.