I Knitted

I knitted poorly, that is.
Over Christmas, my sister (who is a knitting and crocheting whiz) patiently taught me the wonders of knitting, and even treated me to my first set of needles and two skeins of yarn (check me out, using all that knitting lingo!).  We didn't have much time to get past the very basics, but she did me to cast on, knit, and purl.  So I made an entire scarf of just knitting.  Over and over.  For who knows how many rows.
From far away, it doesn't really look that bad.  And maybe even a little bit like something I would wear as a student at Hogwarts!  In a not-yet-established House, since none of the House's colors are actually burnt orange and slate blue.  This scarf would, however, match all the Weasley children's hair.
I did the orange half first, so it is chock full of uneven lines, holes (dropped stitches or something?), and just some bizarre abnormalities. By the time I got to the blue side though, I had things pretty well under control! YouTube taught me how to bind off when I reached the end, and 20 hours later (yes, this thing took me 20 stinking hours to make), I have a somewhat wearable scarf.  Which I will wear to death, because it took me 20 hours to make.

Just do me a favor, and if you see me wearing this on the street, don't look too closely!


  1. I'm so proud!!! The first one is always the hardest! The first scarf I made for marshall is soooo hilarious. I won't pack it up yet so I can show you when I see you next weekend!!

  2. Congratulations on completing your first knitted project!! That's so exciting! I remember just starting out knitting and everything was so confusing (and frustrating at times)! I think it looks great! Check out knittinghelp.com for some really good free knitting how-to videos. That's where I taught myself how to knit!

  3. I think it turned out great. It looks so cute on you. Good job.