Conundrum Solved: We Quit Cable!!!

A few weeks ago, I posted about how we had been considering cancelling our cable.  After reading everyone's super helpful comments, I decided to look more into Hulu Plus and a digital antenna.  I had two main concerns:  One, that I wouldn't be able to see all the shows that I currently watch.  Well, I checked on Hulu Plus, and everything I watch is available on there (the day after it airs).  Perfect!  Second, I was very concerned about missing the upcoming Olympics this summer.  Well, with a digital antenna, we can apparently get all the major channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox), and therefore won't have to miss any of the Olympic coverage at all.  Both of my worries taken care of!

So that meant that the day had come...

This picture is 4 years old and has nothing to do with cable, but I just hope it portrays the joy we will feel in our freedom from TV!!!
I made the call yesterday afternoon, and since we are too lazy to take our DVR all the way downtown to return it, our scheduled pick-up is March 20th.  We have 13 days left to enjoy our cable and our DVR, and then...a whole new world for us!

I feel extremely good about this decision.  As I mentioned before, our cable is $89 a month.  We have had our Netflix subscription for a couple of years already, but when we get Hulu Plus, that will be $8 a month, and a digital antenna appears to be around $20 for a one-time purchase.  So in total, we're basically going to be saving $80 per month, and $960 per year!  It's hard not to feel good about a decision that saves you that much money.

I'm imagining more freedom from the television in general, making more time to do the things we enjoy.  I'm imagining more music being played in our home without the noise of the television to overrule it.  I'm imagining less commercials!

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who commented on my previous post with your experiences with cable and your great advice!  We took it all to heart, and are really excited to be cable free!


  1. I'm cable free and don't have one regret! I'm actually TV free kinda (I have one. It sits in my living room, but I never turn it on). You will love it!

  2. Woop, woop! Enjoy, I'm going to have to look into the digital antenna, sounds interesting - but I don't own a t.v.!

  3. oh my goodness, good for you!! i was about to say, but too bad you can't record, pause, or rewind - but then again it's online, you won't need to! So jealous of your savings..I may have to do this for our home!