Pleated Pink Top

(Aside from my recently-made flannel vest) It has been a very long time since I've sewn something from an actual pattern.  I've been doing much more designing and figuring out patterns on my own (especially for my shop!).  I started to miss sewing from a pattern--the sizing already figured out for you, laying everything out to be cut, following precise instructions--but I also realized it had been so long because I hadn't found any patterns that really seemed like my style.  Until now!

Salme Patterns is an independent pattern company on Etsy.  Her patterns are modern and simple, and I snatched up five of them!  The first one I whipped up is the Loose Fitted Pleated T-shirt.
My version turned out with a little bit of a retro/old lady vibe.  It's boxy and bright and I really love it!  The pleats take it to an extra-ordinary level beyond just a normal T-shirt.
I used an Anna Marie Horner cotton voile from Fabric.com.  It isn't available anymore, but here is another that is very similar.

Close-up of the print and pleats:


  1. what a cute top! I love the print.

  2. So cute Valerie! Love the print! I'm always drawn to prints when it comes to fabric, but for some reason I don't tend to wear them very much. I should work on that! Haha!

    1. I'm the same - I almost never wear prints! Trying to branch out a little :)