Stuff I Like: Sports in Slow Motion

Pretty much nothing makes me hysterically craugh (cry/laugh) like watching sports in slow motion. I have no explanation for it, I just know that it happens. Every time. 

This clip from Mighty Ducks 2 (the best of all the Mighty Ducks), only has about 4 seconds of slow-motion celebration, but that's really all it takes.  (Also, you gotta love when Gunnar tells his coach, "You lost it for yourself."  BURN.)

I really can't even hear the name Derek Redmond without completely breaking down.

 They make a "One Shining Moment" montage at the end of the NCAA tournament every year.  This one is especially close to my heart as it is the one from 2004, my freshman year in college, when Oklahoma State made it to the Final Four.  Sometimes I still can't believe I was lucky enough to experience the electricity and togetherness on that campus throughout March Madness that year.   Daniel Bobik's wife galloping in the stands!  The legendary Eddie Sutton looking grumpy as all get-out!  John Lucas hugging his father after his epic 3-pointer!  I can't even handle this video!

Queen Whitney, the Olympics, people fencing and long-jumping and swimming and diving and gymnasticing, all in slow motion.  It's "One Moment In Time," and in that one moment of time, I feel free to cry as much as I please.


  1. I just love your blog so much. seriously. makes me so happy.

    1. judging by how much i love yours too, i have a feeling we would make excellent real-life friends.

  2. i LOVED that basketball team. john lucas. ivan macfarlin. daniel bobick. terrance crawford. TONY ALLEN. joey graham. spoon. i still have the memory of being there blacked out from when we beat st. joe's. so awesome to witness in person. we went nuts. best memory (at least sports memory) from college.

    make sure you watch/root for the cyclones on Thursday night! they have the late game--and you might see steven on TV!!!


  3. OMG. Is there anything that makes me cry more than the Olympics?! Well, besides really sad movies . . . or really happy movies . . . or lots of music . . . or real-life prejudice . . . or people without a loving family . . . or animal cruelty, or . . . , anyway, the Olympics makes me cry, too.

    And I have never spelled it "craugh". I always spell it "craf". Your way makes more sense.