Lots of Meaning in One Tiny Necklace

I wear very little jewelry on a day-to-day basis, but when I saw the necklace my friend Kendra had given another of our friends for Christmas, I knew I wanted one just like it.  She told me it was from the Etsy shop Burnish, which is filled with beautifully simple handmade jewelry (and for some reason, the fact that the shop owner lives in Alaska just makes it seem exotic, doesn't it?).

I chose a personalized monogram necklace.  When I placed the order, the shop owner asked me which initial I wanted in silver and which I wanted in gold.  I immediately answered "V" in silver, "S" in gold, though at the time I put no thought into it.  It wasn't until after the necklace arrived and I put it on for the first time that I realized the significance of it!

I wear these two (three, if you count the wedding band and engagement ring!) everyday:
This silver diamond ring was an 18th birthday present from my Dad, the most special birthday present I've ever received.  It's silver, like the "V" - in a way, they both represent myself, my upbringing, my family, everything that was special to me in my childhood.  Then Scott came along, and that's when I added some gold into my life:  his initial stamped in gold, to be forever linked with mine, and the gold of my wedding ring, a part of his history, that's now a part of mine.
It's almost as if my entire life is contained in these two metals, these two rings, and these tiny monogrammed discs.  What a precious thing to have around my neck to carry with me each and every day.


  1. Awww...you're so sweet, Valerie! I'm so glad you like the necklace. I saw that I had a few views from your blog, and looked it up. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for making such a beautiful product!

  2. yet again, another favorite post. is it possible to have a lot of favorites??

  3. but no seriously, this is truly beautiful.

  4. Love that necklace! And the engagement ring!! Haha! I have a little monogram necklace with a J stamped in it for my bf's name. I love it and wear it pretty much every day!